Excelence Principle

During my professional career, quite unconsciously I have been going through different companies, learning and contributing to their culture, learning a lot about the way of working in the company, learning many facets from the professionals to complete my profile and improve day by day trying be a good professional and a better person.

GH Actions - Create step dynamically

Introduction - Create steps dynamically After using ‘gh actions’ for a while you might feel that the workflows you use are so static, or rather, too boxed in to meet the needs of the project.

Debug k8s applications on the fly

Introduction - Debug k8s applications on the fly Nowadays, the development of applications on kubernetes is something that any developer will surely use in their work.

Firewalld connecting 2 libvirt network

Situation You have hypervisor with libvirtd and you want to connect 2 libvirt networks. Also, you’re gonna deploy vm and you need to install some software from internet.

Rebase after Pull Request

Situation When you’re working in your fork to make contributions to a open source project, you will usually have upstream and origin trying to represent the upstream (main project) and your origin (fork):

Improve the Libvirt Performance

The Problem: When you’re having performance issues with libvirt, you can try this to improve it. The idea is use an specific configuration to improve the performance.

Cómo afrontar el reto de ganar a la mente

El ser humano siempre está en búsqueda en mayor o menor medida de nuevos retos. La mente humana se alimenta de retos, y al igual que ocurre con las personas, existen personas que necesitan una mayor cantidad de retos para poder satisfacer su hambre, y por el contrario, existen otras que viven perfectamente aceptando solo los retos justos para satisfacer sus necesidades básicas.

Principio de Excelencia

Durante mi carrera profesional, de forma bastante inconsciente he ido pasando por diferentes compañías, aprendiendo y aportando a su cultura, aprendiendo mucho de la forma de trabajar en la compañía, aprendiendo de los profesionales muchas facetas para completar mi perfil y mejorar día a día intentando ser un buen profesional y mejor persona.